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October 2014
You get what you pay for
April 2013
Contaminated Land in NSW: Impacts on Owners, Developers & Buyers
March 2013
Office of State Revenue - Client Identification
February 2013
Clubs may sue over report - NRL
November 2011
Amendments to the Home Building Act 1989
August 2011
Clarification of 'wasted cost orders' by the Land and Environment Court
May 2011
Challenges for Developers under the new Unfair Contracts Law
February 2011
Retail Leases Amendments Bill 2011
November 2010
Blackstone Waterhouse Taking Lexis Affinity Library to the Cloud
October 2010
Up in the Clouds
August 2010
Owners Corporations and Builders Battle for Control: The Proportionate Liability Defence and the Home Building Act 1989 (NSW)
July 2010
The ACT parliament adopts a security of payment regime
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